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Friday Favorites

TGIF party people!  Another week has flown by and my to-do list doesn't feel any smaller.  Summer syndrome perhaps?  Which is problematic, because summer time is when I need to be catching up on all of the stuff I haven't had time to get to the rest of the year!  (This would be the Chaos part of life, not the Cabernet part, although I drank plenty of it at a rehearsal dinner last night!)

Here are some of my Friday Favorites of things I have been loving this week!

Tart Deco.  I am loving on this Essie color right now.  My fingers and toes are sporting it.  And it just so happen to match my current handbag and cell phone case.  Whoops!

If you follow me on Instragram (and why wouldn't you!), you can see I speak the truth.  

#GirlBoss arrived this week.  I was going to save it to read on the dock over the Fourth of July, but I couldn't help myself.  Two chapters in and I am loving it!

(You may or may not be noticing I have a serious addiction to this color.  In the Jewell world, it is called Stylist.  A pinky, coraly, awesome color!  Under #GirlBoss is my Designer Notes notebook 
that holds on my entire life.)

New Rug.  Our family room has been in desperate need of a rug.  We still have a few more finishing touches to add, but this rug is making a HUGE difference.  We went with an indoor/outdoor rug because we figure it will hold up better than a normal rug.  Our backyard/deck is right off of the family room.  So between us and the dog, there is a lot of in and out that goes on.

What are your favorites this week?

Have a great weekend!

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