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4th of July Week

Last week, we spent the entire week up north.  It was fabulous to not set an alarm, sleep in, sit in the sun, play on the lake and spend time with family and friends.  4th of July is probably my favorite holiday.  Not only is it a fun time with family and friends, but it is also a special time for me and my hubby.  Once, I told him I wanted to get engaged during the fireworks.  Well, that didn't work out.  He proposed on Christmas Eve day, which looked a little bit different but equally as awesome.  My hubby is definitely creative!  Here is how he proposed: 

Three years ago, we got married 4th of July weekend.  Our anniversary is July 2nd, so it is always fun to be on vacation over our anniversary.  I’ve always LOVE LOVE LOVED fireworks.  Now I love that we get fireworks to celebrate our anniversary!

 I did not take nearly as many pictures as I usually do, but here is a highlight reel of 
what our week looked like.

Needless to say, Buoy is still exhausted.  How was your 4th of July?  
Do you have any traditions you look forward to every year?

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