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Inspirational Prints

It's been almost a year since I started at my "new" job, and I'm just now finally getting around to decorating my office.  My how the last year has flown.  I pretty much hit the ground running last September and was only able to come up for a little bit of air this summer.  A lot of this summer was spent working on random projects that I didn't have time to do during the school year.  One of those projects was cleaning out the old, to make room for the new.  Boxes of random stuff and old files were everywhere, but no longer!  Now that I have a clean slate to start from, I have been on the hunt for some cute, inspirational prints to hang up or put on my bulletin board. Some of these may end up in my home office because I've found so many things that I like!

I've discovered it isn't easy to find ones that are not uber cheesy.  So here is a round up of some of the things I have been liking.  Hopefully it saves you some time and effort!  And if you are wondering how to hang things, I've discovered this handy dandy product which has been a life saver for someone like me, who does not like to put holes in walls.  Move over hammer and a nail!  This girl can finally hang things!


Hopefully this saves you a few minutes!  I don't know about you, but I can get lost in an Etsy time suck and all of a sudden hours have gone by.

*All opinions are 100% my own.  I was in no way compensated for this post.  I just really love these products and prints.

Weekend Update: Lots of Projects

Monday morning, as usual you have arrived way too quickly.  This weekend we did something we haven't done in almost 2 months.  We. stayed. home.  And it was lovely.  Not jumping in the car, enjoying some downtime and lots and lots of projects.  Long over due projects.  Summer has been busy and we needed to take a weekend to just get stuff done.

The first project we tackled Friday after work (taking advantage of the daylight for as long as we can).  We cleaned out the garage.  The garage has been a dumping ground ever since we moved in.  Only one car fits and that is on a good day (it's a two car garage).  We started going through all of the junk and made three piles: a keep, a giveaway and a throw away.    Here is what it looked like before and during.  I forgot to take pictures 100% before we started.  Whoops!

Here is the after.  Everything on the right hand side will hopefully be gone this week.  Most of it is garbage.  The poor garbage guys this week.  We have a looooooot of garbage.  The couch went up on Craig's List and will hopefully have a new owner soon.  The goal is by next weekend to actually be able to fit two cars in our garage!  Woohoo!

While the hubby was out doing yard work Saturday and Sunday, I was busy inside.  A fewprojects I have been wanting to get done for forever, finally got done (of course all of the keep pile from the garage is sitting in the house in a pile to be dealt with still).  I cleaned out our pantry (more to come on this another day - man we had a lot of expired stuff in there!) and made some room in our china hutch so I could fit more serving pieces in it.

When we did our wedding registry, the china we registered for came as a set with cup and saucer.  Totally normal.  I knew the odds of us using them any time soon were slim, but it is the set so what can you do.  Instead of having them take up precious storage space in our china hutch, I picked up one of these handy dandy cup storage chests.  After loading it up with our cups and sauces, I moved it onto a shelf in the basement and freed up two shelves in our hutch. Those shelves are now housing serving pieces that we will use at least a little bit more often than the cups and saucers.

Technically, only the cups fit in this and the saucers would go in the plate holders but since we only have 8 place settings right now, both fit into this one holder.  We are slowly adding to our china and stemware and hopefully one day to have all 12 of everything.

The fun part of the weekend was a new addiction.  I like to have something on TV playing in the background while I'm cleaning, so I turned on Netflix and started Pretty Little Liars.  I have no idea what took me so long to start watching this show, but I am HOOKED!


Saturday night may or may not have included a late night marathon session.  And yup, the hubby is totally into it also.  But don't tell him I told you.  We finished Season 1 last night and it is driving me nuts!  Who the heck is A? And Ezra Fitz.  Swoon.  I love the storyline between him and Aria.  I know the relationship is wrong in the real world, but they are so cute and I am totally rooting for them.  And yes, all I can think about right now is Hurry Up work day, I want to go home and watch Pretty Little Liars.  Yup I'm lame.  Oh well.

How was your weekend?

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