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Weekend Update: iPhone6, Cleaning and a Cute Pup

Good morning internet!  Monday morning, we meet again.  As I predicted on Friday, this weekend was full of a lot of cleaning and organizing around the house.  But it wasn't all work.  We manged to have some fun too.  Friday night, one of my best friends was in town for a conference, so we got the treat of having dinner with her and another friend.  After that it was home and to bed early for a productive Saturday.  Which also started off with a little bit of fun.

So far I am loving my new phone!  It is definitely bigger than the iPhone 5, but I can still use it with one hand.  The iPhone 6 plus was not for me.  No way, no how.  Way too big.  Even this size is an adjustment, but for how much I use my phone, in the long run I think I am going to enjoy the slightly larger screen.  I ended up getting the Silver 128g.  I am so excited for the extra memory I can't even tell you!  I was on the fence about going Gold or Silver and just when I thought I'd decided on Gold, the Apple Store only had Silver available and made the decision for me.  I'm still waiting for my cases to arrive, but I've ordered two from Amazon.  This one and this one.

And I'm having a blast with some of it's new features, like the slo-mo video feature.

After playing at the Apple store, it was time to come home and get to work.  The entire house is (almost) picked up and cleaned.  Yay.  It feels so nice when we can actually get the entire house in order.  It doesn't happen very often.  After a hard day's work, we treated ourselves to a date night in.  We watched The Other Woman, which was hysterical.  If you haven't seen it, it's worth it.  Just an all around funny comedy.  And we enjoyed some adult beverages.  This picture pretty much sums each of us up in a nutshell.  #waterfordandwhiskey 

Sunday was spent watching the Packers beat the Bears (hubby was more than a little grumpy.  i tried not to gloat too much) and getting more projects done around the house.  Earlier in the week, we popped by Home Goods and found this beauty that HAD to come home with us.  Taittinger is my favorite champagne.  It's genetic.  It was my grandmother's favorite, my mom's favorite (maybe mom?  I'm actually not 100% sure if it is your favorite, but I know it is up there) and my favorite.  So there you have it.

Not the most exciting weekend in the world, but it sure will feel good to come home tonight after work to a clean house.  And because this is too cute not to share, here is one last picture of our king of the mountain from doggy day camp last week.

Ok maybe not one last picture. I was spotted.  And then someone was ready to come home.

And then he did this.

Gotta love doggy day camp!  Cute puppy quota for a Monday.  Hope you have a great week!

Friday Favorites: Organization

Can you believe it is going to be October next week?  I don't know what the weather is like where you are, but here we are having nicer and WARMER weather than we did all summer!  What gives mother nature?

This weekend is the first Packers vs Bears game of the season.  Needless to say, things are getting a little heated in our house.  And the cousins vs. my hubby trash talking has begun!  And it is awesome!  My favorite so far (coming from my 5 year old cousin) is "that stinky Britt better not be getting Katie's house all stinky with his bear stuff!"  For the record, I do love that it is MY house. ;-)

We will see where the score lands on Sunday, but I have a good feeling about it.  GO PACK GO!!!!

Now, on to Friday Favorites!  It think I am the opposite of most people.  While I always try to do some spring cleaning, fall is the time of year that makes me want to nest, clean out and get organized.  I've been chipping away at a few projects that I will post when they are complete.  But for now, here are my Friday Favorites - Organization.

1).  My Favorite Planner

Back in August, I ordered myself a new planner.  September really put this planner to the test and so far I am loving it!  I'm able to fit most of my life in one place and have room for weekly to-do's, etc.  I do use the calendar on my iPhone as well, but there is something that just makes me feel better about having it all written down on paper too, ya know?  Or maybe it is just me and I am weird!

2).  Gift Wrapping Organization

There are a lot of Fall birthdays in my husbands family, which made our challenging gift wrapping storage stand out in a major way recently.  Currently, a lot of wrapping paper and supplies live under our guest bed.  While it is an ok storage solution, it's not ideal.  It is a small room and pulling the large bin in and out usually makes a big mess and is a huge pain in the booty.  This is now on my list of home organization projects.  Mine may not end up looking exactly like this, but it is the inspiration I needed to figure out a new system.

3).  Jewelry Storage

Another problem that has been plaguing me.  This inspired me to do a complete overhaul (and clean out) of my jewelry storage.  We have the perfect nook in our bedroom to a project like this.  I can't wait until it is complete!

4).  Make Up Organization

Can you tell yet that I've been spending a lot of time on Pinterest looking for organization inspiration?  Since I have been purging and splurging on new makeup, I now need to get organized.  This is so pretty and color coordinated, I just love it.  Mine won't look nearly this nice when all is said and done, but it will be a huge improvement!

5).  Kitchen Organization

Our cutting boards are always getting lost in the shuffle of our cabinets.  I would love to do something like this on the back of one of the cabinet doors so we can actually find one when we need it!  This may stick out on our cabinet doors a little too far, but something similar could work!

If you hadn't figured it out by now, in addition to football, there will be a lot of cleaning and organizing going on at our house this weekend!  Sounds like fun doesn't it?  You are welcome to join us!  TGIF and have a great weekend!

Currently in September...


A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness.  It's the first book in the All Souls Triology and I'm loving it.  I mentioned it last week in my Friday Favorites, and I'm mentioning it again.  I downloaded it to my Kindle at the recommendation of Kristine over at Pretty Shiny Sparkly and she did not steer me wrong! It's kind of a Harry Potter meets Twilight, only the grown up version.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Harry Potter and Twilight, and this is really good too!  I mean really, really good!  Can't put it down so I'm staying up way to late reading good.

Pretty Little Liars.  Yup, I'm still totally hooked.  We are finally on Season 5 and I don't know what I'm going to do with myself when we are completely caught up.  Oh right, maybe get back to having a productive life.  A few little projects around the house like CLEANING seem to have been skipped over the fast few weeks since our PLL addiction began.

Nyx Cosmetics Hi Definition Photo Wand Concealer  It is the best drug store concealer that I have found as of late.  I love it for my under eye circles.  While nothing makes them go away, it definitely brightens and covers them up a bit.  I swear the shade Glow.

Not Fall clothes.  We had a brief shiny moment where the weather cooled off.  I started to put away my summer clothes and mother nature did a 180 on me.  I'ts been in the upper 70's all week and this weather will continue for a bit long.  I'm ready for boots and cozy sweaters!

Wanting These to Show Up on My Doorstep
Speaking of boots, I am in need of a new black pair this fall.  Mine have bit the dust.  Loving these Sam Edelman ones.

Hot Apple Cider.  Yes, it is still WAY to warm out to be drinking hot drinks, but I just can't help it.  I love me some hot apple cider.  It just tastes like fall.

Working Out to
Piyo.  I've been doing Piyo pretty consistently over the last few weeks and I am definitely noticing a difference.  For one thing, I am definitely stronger.  And I think my clothes fit a little bit better.  I've had my off days and missed a work out here and there but I'm going for progress not perfection right now.  I've been consistent with my workouts and I'm calling it a win.  Next up, continue to clean up the eating.  It's better but there is definitely still room for improvement.

What have you been up to this month?

Weekend Whirlwind

Thank goodness!  Because after this weekend, I need it!  It was Homecoming week last week at the high school I work at.  Friday night was the game.  It felt a little like Friday Night Lights.  My high school homecoming looked nothing like this.

For some reason, it was the LONGEST game in history.  (I exaggerate, but not really.)  The first QUARTER took over an hour and half.  I thought it was halftime, but nope.  First quarter.  Needless to say it was after 11:30pm when I finally left school and the post game action was still going strong!

There was a lot of sleeping in that happened on Saturday as a direct result of Friday night.  I was so exhausted moving wasn't really an option on Saturday.  Most of the day was spent snuggling this guy...

And cheering on these guys!
Yes, you are seeing that score correctly.
Badgers dominated Bowling Green.
Go Bucky!  =)

Saturday night my hubby was a good sport and went to a 30 year reunion that we found out about at the Homecoming game Friday night.  I couldn't not go show my face since we didn't have any plans.  It was a great class and we had a blast hanging out with them and snapped a few photos for the Alumni newsletter.

We enjoyed a date night at our favorite local watering hole afterwards.  Cheese curds may or may not have been ordered.  One order of cheese curds won't entirely undo my juice cleanse last week, right?

Sunday was spent sleeping in some more, and then we headed downtown to the Riverwalk Art Show with my in-laws.  It was a win-win.  Buoy got a walk and we got to check out some pretty cool art.  Here are a few of my favorites:

What a jam packed, busy weekend!  Phew.  This morning I am keeping my coffee mug close and hoping this weekend flies by quickly.  I'm ready for next weekend already!  In the meantime though, you should head over to see my friend Jenny at The Flower City Fashionista.  She is hosting an online Jewell boutique with a great special on wallets, and there may or may not be an awesome giveaway going on!

I hope you had a great weekend and an awesome week ahead!

Friday Favorites

TGIF!!!!  I'm even more excited that it is Friday than usual because it means my 3 day juice cleanse is OVER!!!  It wasn't pretty but I survived and now I get to eat real food.  Kinda pumped. More on that next week.

Here are this week's Friday Favorites:

1). For the first time, I took advantage of Bauble Bar's buried treasure email and picked up this necklace.  It is a little different and out there for me as far as jewelry goes, so I am excited to wear it!  It's still on sale if you are interested in getting one for yourself!  It comes in a few colors, but obviously I got mine in pink.

2).  My Breville Juicer

Even though a juice cleanse may not be my idea of fun, this juicer works great and didn't break the bank.  I am definitely going to continue to make juice as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

3).  Sigma Brush Cup Holder

I order this a few weeks ago because I hate traveling with my makeup brushes and having them be all over the counter top.  I miss having something to hold them in.  The solution?  The Sigma Brush Cup Holder.  It protects the brushes when I'm traveling, Doesn't really take up much extra space and serves as a holder when I arrive at my destination.  Definitely a win!

4).   Taylor Swift's Shake It Off

Seriously this song is like crack.  I can't stop playing it.  Getting ready for work, on my way to work, while I'm walking the dog. Can't stop won't stop.

5). A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

I cannot put this book down.  I get into bed with the intention of reading for a few minutes before bed and an hour later I'm still reading.  It is so good!  It's like the grown up version of Harry Potter meets Twilight meets oh so good!  Even if you weren't into Harry Potter or Twilight, this book is worth a read.

What are some of your favorites this week?  Hope you have a great weekend!

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So I'm New Around Here

Since this is a new blog for me and I'm hoping I've picked up a few new readers along the way (hiiii!!!! <waves> thanks for being here!!), I thought I would jump on the About Me blog post craze that seems to be going around right now.  Many of the bloggers I follow have been posting these lately and I thought it would be a fun way to get to know each other a little bit better!  If you write a blog and decide to write a post like this, please leave a link in the comment section so I can read it and check you out!


Hi I'm Katie!  I'm 31, living in the Chicago suburbs.  I'm originally from Florida and yes I survive the winters just fine, thanks for asking.  I've lived in the Midwest for almost 13 years and every January I want to move back to palm trees and warmth.


Me, hubby and puppy make 3.  My handsome hubby and our furbaby Buoy.  We are both waterskiers, so when we got a dog, he had to have an appropriate name.  And boy has he lived up to it.  Buoy loves the water.


My full time gig is being a Director of Development for a private school.  I do the fundraising. :-)
When I'm not raising the $$, I'm running 2 businesses in addition to the blog.
I am an Independent Representative for a handbag and accessories company Jewell 
I am an Independent Consultant for Thirty-One 

Sooooo you could say I like to keep busy!


In my abundance of free time (ha ha ha), I like to waterski, snow ski, pretty much anything with the word ski in it.  I like to spend time with my family and friends.  I'm trying to get back into a routine where working-out is a hobby again.  And I'm working on learning to take better photos, edit them and be more creative on that side of blogging.  

Favorite Food

Sushi, stone crabs and key lime pie.  Told ya I was from Florida.

Favorite Color

Pink.  And Glitter.  (Is glitter a color? It should be!) 

Standard Coffee Order

My morning starts with a cup out of my Keurig with some almond milk.  But if we are talking it's a totally yummy treat day and I'm heading to Starbuck's, probably a caramel latte.  Or a gingerbread latte if it is close to the holidays.

Standard Bar Order

Red wine please!  Pinot Noir, Cabernet, Red Zin, Malbec.
Or a glass of champagne.  I love me some Taittinger.  
(But only on a special occasion because who are we kidding, I can't afford that on a regular basis!)
And then there is Spotted Cow. Yum.  I do love a good beer.
Ok so it's red wine, champagne or beer.

(Have I mentioned yet that I went to University of Wisconsin - Madison and am a die hard Badger?!?!)

Place I Shop

I think the better question is where don't I shop?  I am known around these parts (ok really just in my own head) as the online deal-hunting queen.  If it can be found on sale, online, I will find it.  Little tip from me to you, always check Amazon first.  And if you don't have Amazon Prime  yet what are you waiting for?

TJMaxx/Marshall's/Home Good all get two thumbs up from me.  So do Macy's, Old Navy, Target, Nordstroms, H&M, Sephora, Ulta...how much more time have ya got?

Bedtime & Wake Up Time

In a perfect world, I would head to bed around 9pm, read for a few minutes and be asleep before 10pm.  Reality check?  I'm lucky to be asleep before 11pm.  Which is not enough sleep for me.  I am a sleeper and am running on empty by the end of the week.

Wake Up Time is usually about 6am.  Throw in a few snoozes and then I run around like a crazy person running late in the morning.  If I have work meeting at night or something going on where I can't work out I've been trying to get up at 5am on those mornings to get my work out in.  5am sucks. (Says the non-morning person who didn't go to bed until after 11pm.)

Beauty Products I Can't Live Without

Concealer. I have dark circles (in addition to many other skin imperfections).  It's genetic (thanks Dad).  And the fact that there is never enough sleep mean I have to cover those bad boys up.  NYX currently has my favorite concealer.

I also feel naked without mascara.  L'Oreal has my heart at the moment.

What I Blog About?

This is a great question.  A little bit of this and a little bit of that.  I guess you could call it a lifestyle blog?  Some days it's fashion & beauty, some days it's what is new in my life.  Stay tuned but I have a DIY attempt or two coming your way.  And I am NOT a DIY person.  I'd also like to try out some recipes and wine pairing posts.  It's one of the reasons I enjoy blogging.  I push myself out side of my comfort zone for a post!  You might not know me well yet, but cooking is not my forte.  Wine drinking, however?  I'm a champ!

First Blog I Read?

Honestly, I can't remember.  It was probably Katelyn James or Living in Yellow.  My friend Kelly's old blog Simply Kelly was definitely one of the first.  She has since them switches gears and you can find her at Miss MP: The Chronicles of a Sassy Magnolia

How Did I Start Blogging?
Why I Blog?

This is another great question.  Actually two, and I'm going to answer them together.  When I first started reading blogs, I though it looks like a lot of fun.  So I wanted to blog too.  And then I realized how. much. work. it. is.  It's not a bad thing, it's just a lot of work.  The more I blogged, the more I enjoyed it.  It's a creative outlet for me and it is amazing to be teeny tiny part of this fabulous community.  I have made some great blogger friends and I can't wait to read their posts and hear about what is going on in their lives.  I stepped away for awhile, but now I'm back and ready to connect with you the reader, and have an outlet for myself again.  So I really hope you are enjoying my new blog!

(No idea what the fireworks are about.  I just love fireworks and thought the end of this post deserved some.)

Ipsy vs. Birchbox

Not too long ago, I posted about my August Ipsy bag, which I loved!  I've been giving Birchbox another whirl too.  After the last two months, I was ready to say goodbye to Birchbox, but this month they have made a comeback and I'll give them a little bit more time.  In my September Birchbox, I received:

Real Chemistry Luminous 3 Minute Peel // Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream // Harvey Prince Ageless Liquid Loofah // Chapstick Dual-Ended Hydration Lock Day & Night // Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris // Noir Cosmetics Long-Wear Eyeliner

I'm probably the most excited about this new Chapstick, especially with winter coming.  I gave the shaving cream a whirl too and it was nice.  I usually just shave with the soap from my loofah so I won't purchase this after it is gone, but I'll use it while it is here!  The perfume is nice, but I need another perfume sample like a hole in the head.  

Ipsy is here to stay.  I am getting great products from them that I actually use.  Some of them I am stashing away for travel, but many of them are being used immediately.  My September Ipsy bag was no exception.

Here is what it contained:

 Pacifica Natural Water-Proof Eye Pencil // NYX Hot Single Eye Shadow in Burlesque // Cailyn Art Touch Tinted Lip Gloss in Basic Instinct // Crown Brush Infinity Shadow/Crease Duet Brush //  Brigogeo Don't Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Mask

And of course the cute silver bag!  I like that it is a little bit edgy.  Another winner that will get some use.  I'm loving the bags, but I'm not sure I need 12 new ones in a year.....

I swatched the products and am really excited to use all of them.  The purple eye shadow is a bit out there for me, but I'll give it a whirl.  And the water-proof eye pencil definitely is.  It was still on my hand after a bath.  I had to scrub, but I'll bet eye makeup remover would take it off.

Do you subscribe to a Beauty Box?  

Quiet Weekend

Hello Monday.  Back again I see.  I saw this saying on Instagram this weekend, and man.  It is so true.  I feel like this every weekend, and it was true this weekend as well.

I had a quiet, but great weekend.  Friday night kicked off with a Liver & Gallbladder Detox.  I was a little nervous about it, but it wasn't too bad as far as detoxes go.  It was short and effective.  When it was over I felt better and had a little less bloated, so that's always a win.

Because I was still detoxing on Saturday I stayed home most of the day.  It was nice to just be a home and get some things done.  It was exciting.  Laundry.  Cleaning.  A few home organization projects.  When I felt like it was safe to venture from the house for a little while, I took this fluff ball for a walk.

I'm pretty sure this was a "Mom stop talking my picture and just take me for a walk already" face.

Sunday I spent a good chunk of the day at a baby shower, and them came home to relax a bit and gear up for the week ahead.  I'm starting a 3 day juice cleanse on Tuesday, so I need to get myself prepped and ready.  I hope I'm not completely miserable and hungry for 3 days!

How was your weekend?

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Friday Favorites: Cold Edition

FALL HAS ARRIVED!!!  Overnight, we shifted from hot and humid to cool and cloudy and I can't say that I mind it.  I could do without winter all together, but a good cool fall day, snuggled up in a cozy sweater and a mug of hot table cider.  Yup.  Sounds lovely right about now.  This weekend I will start to shift my closet over.  The shorts are going to be put away and the sweaters are coming out!

But with the change in temperature comes the dreaded Fall Cold.  It started as a Summer Cold, but now it is a Fall Cold.  My favorites this week are a little out of the ordinary.  Someone was nice enough to share a boat load of germs with my hubby, who in turn shared them with me.  Needless to say it was a fun filled week at our house.  We played Who Can Blow Their Nose Louder?  (I always win.)  So I decided I would do a favorites: cold edition.  These are my go-to products when I have a cold.  This week, they absolutely were my favorites.

1). Dayquil & Nyquil

My go-to drugs to get me through a cold.  The tough part about taking Nyquil is getting up in the morning.  Lots and lots of coffee was consumed this week.

2). Puffs Plus

I blow my nose.  A lot.  (Those of you who know me in real life are laughing because a lot is an understatement.)  Especially when I am sick.    All of that blowing causes my nose to get rubbed raw after a few days.  Puffs Plus makes a HUGE difference.  No other brand will do.  Gotta have the lotion.

3).  Emergen-C

I start taking this at the first sign of a cold.  I swear it helps shorten the length and every once in awhile it will make it go away completely.  The Vitamin B complex in a lot of Emergen-C is also great for an afternoon pick me up.

What are your go-to products when you are sick?  I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend full of sleep and getting healthy.  I hope your plans are more exciting!  Have a great weekend!

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