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Thanksgiving Weekend

Happy Monday back from a long weekend!  I don't know about you, but my face has been buried in my coffee cup aaaaaaall day.  Why is it that I can never sleep on Sunday nights, leading to exhausted Monday mornings?  Every week.

What a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend!  I hope yours was as well.  We had a great time with family, ate lots of great food, enjoyed some tasty beverages and just had fun.  We have gone to my aunt and uncles's house for Thanksgiving for as long as I can remember, and this year was no different.

We arrived Wednesday afternoon with just enough time to unpack before it was cocktail hour.  Our Wednesday night Thanksgiving tradition is as good as our turkey dinner on Thursday.  Stone crabs.

If you grew up in Florida (or at least have visited, hopefully) you know what stone crabs are.  They are THE BEST.  Absolutely delish!  My dad has them flown up every year.  They are my absolute favorite!  For those who enjoy the turf of surf and turf, there is that option.  But I'm a purist.  Just give me stone crabs.  And key lime pie.  I make an awesome key lime pie!

Thursday consisted of a lazy morning of PJs and coffee, followed by a big breakfast and an even bigger walk. (We had to make room for the turkey dinner.)  And of course, there was some football.  Buoy made sure to watch the game veeeery closely.

My aunt always has the house beautifully decorated for Christmas by Thanksgiving.  To each his own, but we absolutely love having the decorations up.  It makes the weekend feel more cozy and festive.  We always set the table with her Spode Christmas china.

And since we are put together and presentable before we sit down to dinner, we usually snap some Christmas card photos.  My hubby is still editing the ones from his camera, but these were snapped on my phone.  He and I are going to take a few more this weekend.

We started off Thanksgiving dinner with a new wine.  Very appropriately named.  It is from Spain (Espana!).  For those of you who don't know, my nieces call me E.  When the oldest was learning to talk, she couldn't say the hard K sound of my name, so she just called me E.  And it stuck.  So obviously I loved this wine!

Our Thanksgiving dinner was delicious, as always.  My aunt is an amazing cook!

We were full full full.  Normally after dinner, everyone stretches out on the floor for a post-turkey nap, but this year we looked through pictures of my brother's recent trip to Costa Rica with his girlfriend.  Yup my lil baby bro (ok, he's almost 30), brought a girl home for the first time ever.  And she is AWESOME!  We are all super excited for him (and I know he doesn't read my blog so he doesn't know I'm embarrassing him!)

Friday was full of more quality family time over coffee in our PJs, and then we do like to get out of the house to take advantage of Black Friday sales.  The guys go off to do manly things like go to Cabela's and then girls head to a nearby mall where we did a lit bit of damage, but nothing crazy.

By 4pm, we were all starving and went out to grab an early bite at a nearby restaurant.  It has a fabulous menu and an even more fabulous beer selection.  We got a few tasting to try and share.

The fish tacos where to die for!

I love how there are so many different types of beer glasses, depending on what you are drinking.

Saturday early afternoon we took everyone to the airport and started to make our way home.  With a quick stop at the Outlet Mall along the way.  Sufficiently stuff from the weekend, the hubby, Buoy and I enjoyed a quiet Saturday night and Sunday at home with laundry, house chores and a lot of Hallmark Christmas movies.  (He is such a good sport!)

How was your Thanksgiving weekend?  What traditions do you have with your family?

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  1. What an amazing Thanskgiving. Your food is INSANE. Stone crab? Holy yum! Love the china too! Hope you are recooping today. I'm with you... I was all about the caffeine. xo

    1. The caffeine train is still going strong this week! You would think I didn't have a long weekend of rest!

  2. I am totally adding snow crabs to the list next year!