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Weekend Update: Spring Cleaning

I'm sorry I've been a stranger around these parts lately.  2015 seems to be flying by faster than any other year.  Is anyone else feeling that way?  This post is going to end up being a March weekend recap over all, instead of just this past weekend.  But most weekends this month have been spent the same way: Spring Cleaning.

 I have been slowly working my way through every closet, clothing bin, etc. in our house.  We have so much stuff and I am trying really hard to make stuff go away.  This is just one of the many many piles that got donated last weekend.  An entire SUV load to be exact.  And I have a pretty good sized SUV.  It helped, but it still seems like we have stuff.

We will always be stuff people.  I know that.  So, the next step in the spring cleaning process needed to be getting better organized.  How can I better organized our stuff so I always know where everything is and use it?  (Instead of finding something I needed 6 months ago when I was looking for it.)  In one closet, it meant a new organizing system.  In our 3 bedroom house, one bedroom gets used as my office.  It's really an office/overflow room.  In this room you will find everything from wrapping paper, clothes, Stella & Dot & Thirty-One stuff, office supplies, files, camera equipment, travel stuff, etc.

(Forgot to take a picture with everything inside.  This closet was STUFFED!)



I'm still cleaning out and organizing my office, but when I'm done I'll do a full reveal.

Not too much else exciting has been going on over our weekends lately.  Which is a-ok.  I'm happy to be getting projects checked off of the list before summer gets here.

Have you started on any Spring Cleaning Projects?

Oh! And one more thing!  I've teamed up with Biana over at B Loved Boston for a Stella & Dot Giveaway!  So head on over to see her and check it out!

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  1. Doesn't it feel so good to spring clean and get organized?? I did that a few weekends ago and it felt great to get rid of things I don't need! Be sure to stop by my blog today - I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! :)