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A Spring Utah Weekend

Hello there Monday.  You don't seem quite as bad after a 3 day weekend.  Knowing it is almost Memorial Day weekend also helps.  Yay for two 3-day weekends in a row!  I like Mondays that don't require alarms.

As you may have seen last week, I was packing up my carry-on bag to head to Utah for a 3-Day weekend.  The hubby turned 30 so we went out there to celebrate and to shoot some photos.

Friday was the only (somewhat) decent day weather wise.  Mother nature did not want to cooperate and the majority of the photos the hubby needed to take were outdoor ones.  Epic Fail.  This is the view from our townhouse.

Here was the view the rest of the weekend.  It was rainy, cold and super cloudy.  Most of the weekend, you could barely see the mountains.

But we made the best of it!  Friday night we had a party to celebrate the hubby's birthday.  We are so fortunate to have made some amazing family friends in Utah.  They were all able to come over and celebrate with us.  We also met my parents out there, which always make our trips more special.  They threw a great party!

Saturday, the hubby got up early to take photos of the new fitness center and several of the classes that are being held there.  I slept in and checked it out much later in the day. ;-)

Gotta love a treadmill with a view!

Because it was rained all. day. long. the pups had a cozy day on the couch.

I rounded out Saturday afternoon with a massage, while the hubby went fishing, and then we went out for Mexican for dinner. Yum.  Sunday was spent having a lazy morning and then packing to head home.  Always sad.  It's never easy to leave, but it was even more difficult knowing we probably won't be back for awhile.  But never say never!  That is what I have learned about our travel schedule.  Until next time mountains.

How was your weekend?

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  1. You've got some amazing views around you!! And your pups are adorable! - Svetlana @ Life with a Side of Wine