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Packing for a 3 Day Weekend In Utah

Let's get something clear right now.  I will (probably) never be one of those people who can travel for a month out of a carry on.  And some of the trips we like to take (aka winter ski vacations) will never allow for carry-on only travel.

Every once in awhile though, a trip presents itself and I think, yup!  Absolutely.  I can do this in a carry-on.  For the hubby's 30th birthday, we have decided to take such a trip. A 3 Day weekend in Utah.  We also don't travel like a normal people, however, which makes carrying on infinitely more challenging. We almost always travel with our dog.  This means I always lose out on a bag because he counts as either my personal item or carry-on item depending on the airline.

Totally worth it.  Look at that face.

I thought it might be helpful for some of your over-packers out there, to see that it possible to pack in a carry-on (and I really mean ONE bag) for a short weekend trip, even if you can't for slightly longer ones.  Here is what I am bringing:

Spring 3 Day Weekend In Utah

It's suppose to be raining and a bit on the chilly side over the weekend, so that definitely factors into what I pack.  I also know it is totally casual where we are going.

On the plane, I am wearing: black leggings, a graphic tee, a hoodie and sneakers.  My Longchamp tote tucks nicely into my carry-on suitcase so I will have a purse once we arrive.

I have one black cardigan packed and two different tank top options to wear underneath for evening/going out to dinner.  And a plaid button down top.  All of these could be worn with jeans or leggings and a pair of black ballet flats (which take up almost zero space).  I obviously went for a very neutral palette to make it easy to mix and match.  I'm bringing some fun jewelry (shocker I know) to jazz everything up.

I'm also bringing a light weight jacket that can double as a rain coat.  A pair of cropped yoga pants, a work out tank top or two and another hoodie means I have lots of options whether we are walking the dogs, doing a little shopping or exploring.

In case you are wondering, I've also got some layering tank tops, PJs, a bathing suit (for the hot tub), a long sleeved work out top and a few other items packed as well.  From a professional packer's point of view, I am definitely over packed.  But from where I am sitting, I have lots of options and I still fit in a carry-on bag.  So I'm calling it a win!

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  1. Clothes wise, maybe I could pull off a carry on. But then all my hair and makeup products and its a no go. Your Utah photos always look so pretty, definitely need to add to my vaca list.

    1. You can do it! I promise! Trust me, if I can, you can! You absolutely should! It is gorgeous and there is so much more of Utah that I'm dying to see. One of these days we are going to road trip down to the southern part and all of the parks!

  2. What a cute puppy in the suitcase :) Great tips and much needed because I'm a heavy packer. Visiting from the linkup!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! He is the best and such a good traveler! I'm a heavy packer too and I'm trying to get better. I didn't even wear half of the stuff I brought! Slowly learning to cut back...It's a process.