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A Florida Long Weekend

Yikes!  I go on vacation, come home and my brain falls to mush and apparently so does my blogging!  You may remember...oh 2+ weeks ago I blogged about some beach vacation essentials.  We were getting ready to head to Florida for a much needed long weekend.  By the time we got back and life took over, blogging apparently took a back seat.  And honestly, I kind of needed it to, at least temporarily.  But that is a story for another day.

Today, instead of a weekend recap (because we just had a quiet stay-at-home kind of weekend this past weekend), I thought I would do a post about our long weekend in Florida.  We had a fabulous trip.  We flew down on Wednesday night after work and make a quick stop at Target to pick up a few supplies.  Thursday morning I woke up and enjoyed a cup of coffee with a view.

Unfortunately, we also woke up Thursday morning to realize that the AC wasn't working properly (a MUST HAVE in June in Florida) and we found out the boat wasn't ready to be picked up yet.  #firstworldproblems I know.  But, when you only have a long weekend, you want to enjoy every moment.

We made the best of it however.  I got a little bit of Stella & Dot work done, while sitting in the sun and the hubby and Buoy fished for a bit.  Then the AC repair guy showed up and the boat was ready so by the end of the day, we were ready to rock!

Buoy also enjoyed his pool.  This pup has definitely lived up to his name.  He is a water dog and loves to lay in a pool, lake, ocean, whatever is available.  Especially when it is hot and humid out.

Thursday night, we had dinner with the hubby's grandmother & aunt and uncle.  We finished up in time to enjoy sunset and then headed out for a few adult beverages.  We hardly ever go to a bar to drink at home, so this was special fun!

Friday, we slept in and then headed over to Boca Grande to walk around, do a little bit of shopping and enjoy lunch.  Then we came back and spent the rest of the afternoon on the boat, before heading over to have cocktails and appetizers with the hubby's other grandparents.  It's great that we can all of the hubby's grandparents in one place!

Sunset is my favorite time of day, so we made sure to not miss a single one!

This is what traveling with my husband, the photographer often looks like.......

Saturday was a boat day all day long!  We like to stop at our favorite beach area, Stump Pass, to hang out and let Buoy enjoy walking around and the ocean.

Saturday night, we recorded Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final (yes I still can't believe the hubby wanted to do that) and took a boat ride back to Stump Pass to enjoy sunset.  We brought Publix sushi (yum!  Publix is the best!) and Prosecco with us to enjoy cocktails and appetizers while the hubby shot the sunset.  The storm moved in quickly, but thankfully held off until we got back.

After sunset, we grabbed some take out (I can never get enough Grouper or Mahi Mahi while we are in Florida) and watched the Blackhawks win game 5!

Sunday morning, we went to church with the hubby's grandparents and enjoyed another boat day.

Instead of boating to Stump Pass for sunset Sunday night, we decided to drive and see it from a different spot.  It was our last sunset, and mother nature did not disappoint!

Monday was spent enjoying a last few moments in the sun and packing and cleaning up to head home.  There were crazy storms in both Tampa and Chicago, so we ended up being delayed.  Hours and hours delayed.  Buoy was a trooper.  Poor guy.  

We got to see some Game 6 at the airport, but ultimately were in the air when the Blackhawks won their 3rd Stanley Cup in 6 years,  Bittersweet, especially for my hubby.  (We watched the entire game on DVR the following night.  Go Hawks!) We ended up getting home about 2:00am, which meant for a rough day at work Tuesday morning.

The hubby and I almost never take a vacation just the two of us, so to get a few moments of alone time was a wonderful thing.  Can we please go back?


  1. You got some great pics! Looks like a fun time. I especially love the pic of all the color beach chairs.

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