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A Wedding Weekend

And I think my feet still hurt from it.  The wedding, the rehearsal dinner, all of it was a blast!  Two of our lake friends got married this past weekend, and we celebrated all weekend!  We were also the wedding photographers (ok I was really the photographer's assistant), which meant lots of extra time running around on our feet.  So much fun, but man is it exhausting!  I don't know how full time wedding photographers do it!

And of course, because I was so focused on keeping things running on time, etc.  I. took. zero. pictures.  I threw this together this afternoon so you could see what I wore.  Comfortable, cool and with the flat sandals I wore it was my feet nearly made it.  Nearly.

But seriously.  No photos, except the several thousand my hubby shot which still need to be edited.  And feet that hurt.  I'm so glad that I didn't wear heels.  These days, my feet always seem to end up hurting by the end of a wedding.  Anyone else have the same problem?

I think I may have found a solution.  Kushyfoot.  Have you heard of these?  They have a wide range of products to make your feet happy and comfy! I will be wearing this pair under ballet flats when I have a long day on my feet for extra cushion.  (There is actual padded cushion under the balls of the feet.  Genius!)

I will be ordering a pair specifically for these shoes.  I LOVE them to death but man do they hurt my feet!  I can't wait to be able to wear them more often.  (Again, more padding.  So smart!)

The most loved item will hands down be this pair of ballet flats that can easily tuck into any clutch I carry to a wedding or really any event where I am ready to ditch my heels.

Plenty of room left over for everything else I need to carry.

And they are super cute on!

What do you think?  They are definitely worth trying for your next wedding or night out with the girls.  How was your weekend?

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Disclosure:  This post is sponsored by Kushyfoot, however all opinions are 100% my own.

Thoughts for Thursday

As my summer hours at work are way to rapidly coming to an end, this is going to be my mantra for all of the projects I still want to get accomplished over the next couple of weeks.


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Waterski Weekend

You guys!  I can't tell you how much fun I had this weekend playing with my new ski!  (Do you follow me on Instagram?  Because if you do, you know I got a new ski this weekend!)  If you are new around here (and even if you aren't) you may or may not know that in college, I was a competitive water skier.  I stayed competitive for a few years after college and then it all kind of fizzled.   Life got busy, family weekends started to conflict with tournament weekends and I moved away from easy access to skiing regularly.

When I moved, I also gained weight.  A lot of weight.  It made skiing really tough.  (It's amazing how hard it is to get out of the water when you weigh 50+ lbs more than you did and have no strength because you stopped working out.)  I don't talk about this very often on here (maybe I should?), but it has been a constant struggle the last few years.  BUT.  I have been making progress and have accepted myself for where I am at now.  I kept putting off spending money on things because I would "be skinny and in shape again soon."  What ended up happening was I stopped doing the things that I love.  Like waterskiing.

So.  I bit the bullet and got a new slalom ski after 13 years.  My new ski is 2 inches longer than my old ski (65 inch vs 67 inch) and it is making getting out of the water a little bit easier.  And easier is better, at least for the moment.  Because it means I can ski.  The not so easy part is learning how to turn the ski!  My how skiing techniques have changed.  Or maybe just mine needs to.  Either way, there is a learning curve but I am up for the challenge!  I am sore, but it is the best feeling in the world.  There is no other sore like a water ski sore.

Anyway, we had a fabulous weekend at the lake.  Great weather, good friends and lots of time on the water.

For those interested, I got a 67 inch HO Women's CX Slalom Ski with the xMax Double Boot Bindings.  I also looked at the Radar Lyric but ultimately decided to try out HO's new technology.  What can I say?  I'm an HO girl (and yes I know you are snickering right now).  It's what my last ski was, so I'm going to stick with it.  And yes, it's very pink. =)

Still learning how to use these new fancy bindings.

Buoy was relieved when I stopped skiing.  He really doesn't like it when we ski.

Sorry!  If you could care less about water skiing, this probably wasn't the post for you.  But, if you are struggling with your weight (or anything really), stop waiting and just get doing!  It's going to hurt.  But hurt so good!  I hope you had a great weekend.

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4th of July Weekend

Hi all!  I hope you had an awesome 4th of July weekend!  Why is the week after a long weekend always so tough to get back into the swing of things?  If you can solve that mystery, you'll be my hero.

Here it is Tuesday because yesterday my brain said NO to just about everything (including blogging).  Except vegging on the couch and catching up on our DVR.  (A is a girl????) Tuesday is just as good as Monday for a weekend recap, right?

Our long weekend began Tuesday after work, when we headed north.  We actually made decent time and got to enjoy a glass of wine (or 3) with the fam.  Wednesday was only an ok day, so it was full of unpacking, getting a few things done, a quick boat ride and a Stella & Dot trunk show.  Jewels with a lake view.  It doesn't get much better than this!  And it was a great excuse to get the girls together for a fun evening before the chaos of the weekend really got going.  We had a great time!

You might have seen last week, Thursday was the hubby and my 4th wedding anniversary.  We got married up north and are blessed to be able to spend our anniversary up there every year.  No better place to be than our favorite place!

We like to spend as much time with family and friends as we can over the weekend, so we usually try to do something during the day just the two of us to celebrate.  This year it was lunch in town with some Spotted Cows to celebrate and a boat ride.  (Gotta love small town Wisconsin!)

Thursday night we celebrate with family and friends at one of our favorite restaurants.  We also had our rehearsal dinner there.  Champagne and a surprise dessert, they are the best!

Friday we enjoyed a lake day and fireworks!  Ours are always on the 3rd, but I love it.  It stretches out the holiday and makes it more fun.  Saturday and Sunday were gorgeous lake days and we enjoyed every moment.  It finally felt like summer.

(I stole this picture from my hubby.  His are always so much better than mine.)

I hope you had a great 4th of July weekend!  Let me know in the comments what you were up to!

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Friday Favorites: Summer Edition

Ahhh Friday!  Happy 4th of July!  I hope most of you are enjoying the day off for the holiday!  We always take at least a very long weekend over the 4th.  First of all, it's my favorite holiday.  There is just something magical about the fireworks, the boat rides and being at the lake.  It's one of the reasons we decided to get married over the 4th of July weekend.  Oh right, that would be the second of all.  We love taking a few days off and celebrating our anniversary!  Even before we were married, I always felt like it was "our" holiday....(fine...we will share with the rest of you too ;-) )

Our 4th wedding anniversary was yesterday, July 2nd.  So my first Friday Favorite today is my hubby...and our wedding photos.  Happy Anniversary babe!  So glad we always get to celebrate it at the lake!  (Yup, we met and got married there)

The rest of my favorites aren't exactly red, white and blue....more like pink, pink and pink.  Yup, I have a problem.  Even when I try to branch out....I always end up coming back to a little (or a lottle) pink.

2). Kate Spade Flamingo Ring

This picture doesn't show off the pink, but it does show off the ring!  Obsessed.

3).  Hayden Reis Bags

My brother gave me these awesome bags as a birthday gift.  I'd been eyeballing them for forever, so when they showed up for my birthday I was surprised and thrilled!  They got put to the test in Florida last month and they are a winner in my book!  Hayden Reis bags are made of sail cloth, so they are durable, easy to clean, water & sand resistant and best of all adorable to carry!

The wristlet is the perfect size for my cell phone, lip product, tissues, cash & a card, etc.  Because it is a wristlet, it was perfect to grab and go for a walk on the beach.  My camera easily fit inside of it as well.  The best part was I could put my valuables down on the sand and not have to worry about them getting ruined.

My Beach Bud Bag was perfect for keeping my magazines and Kindle sand free and dry.  There was plenty of room left over to fit more.  It could also be used to store a wet bathing suit and keep the other items in your beach bag dry.

I liked these so much, that I bit the bullet and invested in the large Ditty Tote that I have been drooling over for months.  It holds  A TON!

I seriously cannot say enough great things about these bags and I promise I'm not being sponsored for this post!  I just love them this much!

4). Swell Water Bottles

While in Florida shopping on Boca Grande, we ran into these water bottles.  Of course, anything hot pink I naturally gravitate to and I wanted to know more.  The sale associate was awesome and shared information on these stainless steel water bottles with us.  The bottles keep drinks cold for 24 hours, hot for 12 AND you can fit an entire bottle of wine inside of the largest 25 oz. bottle (they come in multiple sizes).  SOLD!

So we put it to the test.  After hours in the sun, there were still ice cubes in my water.  And as promised, an entire bottle of prosecco fit in it AND stayed cold!  Much easier than taking glass in the boat! (PS - That is my Hayden Reis wristlet just hanging out in the sand.  So awesome. PPS - Anyone else go to the beach with that much camera equipment??)

The only downside was, after putting it a metal cup holder on the boat, some of the pink rubbed off of the bottom of the bottle.  Not the end of the world, but I was definitely not please about my brand new bottle being scuffed.  I still love it and use all of the time!  I am guessing it will get put to good use holding wine and other beverages in the boat this weekend!

I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy lots of fireworks and time with family and friends!  Happy Birthday America!

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